Transition to Whiskeyjack Beer Company

Transition to Whiskeyjack Beer Company

Whiskeyjack Beer Company and Café Meteor Bistro are pleased to announce that the Café Meteor Bistro’s assets will be purchased by Whiskeyjack Beer Company on September 4th, 2019. 

Whiskeyjack Beer Company

For Whiskeyjack Beer Co, after almost 2 years of searching for the ideal location to physically set up their microbrewery, the Haileybury downtown location will become home of a microbrewery, a retail store and a tasting room.  The tasting room will include a food aspect, interactive events and local collaborations. Co-owners Luc Johnson and Marc-André Therrien are excited to be able to take the company to the next step.  They are hoping to re-open the location sometime late fall once the brewing equipment is in place.

For Information
Whiskeyjack Beer Company, Luc Johnson, co-owner      705.648.5539

Cafe Meteor Bistro

For the current owners of Café Meteor Bistro, after looking at several different alternatives, the project brought upon by Whiskeyjack Beer Co offers a continuation in the development of Haileybury’s trendy downtown core.  The Temiskaming area has been waiting for many years to get its own local microbrewery.

Café Meteor Bistro will cease its operation on Sunday, September 1st.  Patrons will have to this date to use the gift & loyalty cards currently in circulation.   Nicole Guertin and Jocelyn Blais would like to thank everyone that has supported the Meteor in the last two years including their employees. They are confident that this new plan with Whiskeyjack Beer Co, and the community co-operative will be beneficial for the long-term development of our beautiful region. They will continue to operate the Presidents’ Suites and spend time developing, Co-Worx, another new and innovative project, located in downtown Haileybury.

Community Co-operative

The community co-operative which, had been considered for the Meteor over the last few months, will be redirected towards a mandate of supporting community driven activities.  The two community meetings highlighted the community desire for more community events over having ownership in a restaurant.  A list of over 50 potential activities has already been identified from the community meetings.  We will be working closely with the Temiskaming Art Gallery and le Centre Culturel ARTEM who are in the process of developing an Open Art Studio concept in downtown Haileybury.  Several of the co-operative’s activities could be held in the accessible and multifaceted studio space.