We are pleased to provide a bit more information about a few of our local suppliers.

Walker’s Honey

Walker's Honey now has over 50 hives which are located just West of Haileybury.

Walker’s Honey is a family apiary located in Temiskaming Shores.

Walker’s Honey is a family apiary located in Temiskaming Shores. They started in 2012 with 4 hives, and now find themselves in 2017 with over 50 hives and still growing. This hobby has taken a life of its’ own when individuals kept coming back and asking for more of our raw, unpasteurized honey.

The Walkers believe that their great tasting honey is a result of how the hives are managed. As in real estate, location is key. The bee yards are located on Clover Valley Road and Quarry Road just West of Haileybury. They are located in open meadows full of wild flowers. This variety of nectar sources provide a unique tasting honey not normally found from hives located near a farmer’s field with one crop in bloom. This variety in flowers is also key in providing the diet necessary for healthy bees.

The Walkers love this hobby, and especially sharing it with others.  You can get some of Walker’s Honey at the Café Meteor Bistro.  It is available in the 500g and 1kg formats. 

Posch Honey

Posch Honey has been a fair-trade certified producer of pure, raw, and unpasteurized honey for over two decades. Their six farms are nestled in the Little Clay Belt of the Temiskaming valley. The buckwheat honey, which has a strong, molasses-like flavour, used by the Café Meteor Bistro is guaranteed gluten-free and organic.