Steve & Lou Benoit Folk & Country May 10

Steve & Lou Benoit Folk & Country May 10

An evening of Americana folk & country music with Steve & Lou Benoit.  Steve and Lou will be focusing on duets and harmonies.  Friday May 10th, 9pm.  Cover $10.

Lou Benoit with an open mic at the D-pub in New Liskeard

About Steve & Lou Benoit

Steve and Lou both spent their lives playing music, but never knowing each other until just a couple of years ago.  They quickly realized they had more in common than being cousins, they had similar music tastes.

Lou was born in New Liskeard and stayed in the region until her mid-teens.  She moved to Alberta and stayed there for the next 3 decades.  She performed on different stages, was part of several groups and had a full-time career playing music.  Now that she has moved back to the Temiskaming region, she continues her musical career on a part-time basis.  Every Saturday afernoon she leads an open mic jamming event at D-PUB.


Steve Benoit music, his songs, his life Steve, is well known having played at the Meteor on several occasions with his own songs and songs from Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.  To learn more about Steve, here is the link to one of our previous post. To purchase some of his CD’s you can visit CD Baby Music Store.





At Cafe Meteor Bistro
Friday May 10th, 9pm
Cover $10