Steve Benoit Sings Johnny Cash September 7 & 8

Steve Benoit Sings Johnny Cash September 7 & 8


Steve Benoit sings Johnny Cash
at the Cafe Meteor Bistro for two nights
September 7 & 8, starting at 9pm
Cover charge $10.

Singing Johnny Cash

Steve was first introduced to Johnny Cash from his Grandfather who had the Live at San Quentin album, his love of music from the 50’s grew as he got older. The music that came out Sun Records including Cash, Elvis and a list of other early pioneers of Rock n Roll had a huge influence on him early on.

Fast forward to the summer of 2007, Nashville, Tn where Steve auditioned for a Broadway Tour called ‘Ring of Fire’. Having no expectations and a love of the music, he was offered a role on the spot. Beginning in September 2007 through the spring of 2008, Steve toured all across the USA performing the music of Johnny Cash. In 2010, someone who worked with him on Ring of Fire told him about another audition in Nashville, this time for a Broadway show called Million Dollar Quartet. For the next 4 years he worked with different productions as an understudy for the roles of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. He worked in New York on and off Broadway, performed as the lead of Elvis in Chicago for a stint and was sent out to different locations on their National Tour. In the spring of 2017 Steve performed the role of Cash with a production in Georgia for a week, and also performed two sold out nights at the historic Ryman Auditorium in a production called The Cash Legacy with a company called Studio Tenn. This was an experience he will never forget.

About Steve Benoit

Steve Benoit's 2014 album Life is MusicSteve began his journey as a songwriter in the early nineties after moving to Northern California. Unsure about how to write a song at all he started drawing from his childhood and experiences growing up in Haileybury. With songs like ‘Mill Creek’, ‘The Mine’, ‘The Lakeshore Hotel’ and ‘The Great Fire of 1922’, he began finding his voice as a storyteller. Steve has spent the last 23 years writing and performing all across North America, mainly in the U.S.

Steve Benoit, Discover His Albums

Where I Belong, 2001
Genre: Roots rock.   It all results in a soulful, roots and deceptively well crafted Americana sound.
What the critics are saying: every time I listen to this CD I come away with a feeling of happiness and sadness at the same time . For a songwriter to be able to convey both feelings is rare , Steve you have a rare gift , use it wisely and you will do great things

Sketches of a Small Town, 2003

Whatever Happened to the Drive-ins, 2007
Genre: Rock Americana, stories with elements of folk, pop, soul and rock n roll that gives these classic sounds a fresh vibe.
What the critics are saying: This record is refreshing. It has it all. Good sounds and great songs

Life is Music, 2014.

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