Folk Music Benjamin Hermann Rose-Erin Stokes

Folk Music Benjamin Hermann Rose-Erin Stokes

An evening of folk music at Cafe Meteor Bistro with singer-songwriters Benjamin Hermann & Rose-Erin Stokes.  An evening to remember for all folk music fans.  Saturday May 4th at 9pm.  Cover charge $15.  Call 705-672-2517 to reserve your table.

About Benjamin Hermann

Benjamin Hermann’s music hits the sweet spot with folk music lovers. His newest album ‘Windows Wide Open’  mixes subtlety and directness, blending distant instrumentation and strong finger-style guitar playing into a soundscape that compliments vocals delivered with careful nuance.

Benjamin, originally from North Bay, has since lived in Whitehorse, travelled through Germany and Russia, considering these Northern and Eastern places to be the source of his artistic considerations. Eventually Ben landed in Toronto where he came to study and continue his music career. Ben also considers himself a recording artist, mainly composing with guitar, voice, and piano.  His previous projects include – ‘Red Sky In Morning’ from 2012 and ‘Will Return’ from 2011.

To learn more about Benjamin, visit his web site at

About Rose-Erin Stokes

When listening to the hauntingly beautiful melodies on Wherever I Go, the debut full-length album by Rose-Erin Stokes, you can’t help but be transfixed by every lilting note, every phrase and every plucked string. There is a quiet stillness to some songs, and within others one can sense an emotional tumult just rippling under the service.

What is undeniable is the deeply honest approach to her musical storytelling, a wide-open emotional tableau that is representative of the silence of the vast forests, and big open skies of the northern Ontario city of North Bay where Stokes was born and raised.

Highlighted by an artistic acumen and an amazing ability to evoke emotion, Wherever I Go is demonstrative of a songwriting craftsperson at work, with music, words and vocal performances that connect to the hearts and spirits of all who hear them.

To learn more about Rose-Erin visit her web site at


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A Great Folk Music Evening

Saturday May 4th at 9pm.
Cover charge $15.
Call 705-672-2517 to reserve your table.