Flashbacks & Robyn Dewar October 27

Flashbacks & Robyn Dewar October 27

The Flashbacks & Robyn Dewar at the Cafe Meteor Bistro unplugged evening on October 27 starting at 9pm.  A night to remember with popular hits from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  Robyn met the Flashback duo at Dee’s Family Dining in Burks Falls. Recently, Robyn shared her back ground vocals when she joined Ken and Dee at their fundraising event held at the Highlander Brewery in South River.

About the Flashbacks

The Flashbacks is composed of Dee Leis and Ken Crozier.  Dee is from Woodstock and Ken is originally from Hamilton. Dee started singing at very young age. She and Ken have been singing and performing together as The Flashbacks for nearly five years. Together they have entertained and warmed the hearts of audiences with their expansive song portfolio. They have been on the radio several times, also performing at fairs and dances. The Flashbacks duo has also played at house concerts and coffee houses in Burks Falls. They just held a CD release party at the Algonquin Theater in Huntsville.  They now have 4 CD’s and are working on another.

About Robyn Dewar

Robyn is a local folk singer songwriter who happens to have a life passion for singing harmony.  Robyn is celebrating her 30th year as a Songwriter and is thrilled to be sharing this special music time with her dear friends, Dee and Ken.  A highlight for Robyn was being chosen by her Facebook peers as the fan favourite in the Caesars Palace – Shania Twain Sing Off Facebook video contest.  She has released a few singles: Let Me Be The Change (available on iTunes & amazon.com (mp3),  U R Free (available on iTunes & amazon.com (mp3) and  Home Grown (available on iTunes & amazon.com (mp3).  To learn more about Robyn visit her web site www.robyndewar.com

The Flashbacks & Robyn Dewar

At the Cafe Meteor Bistro
Saturday October 27th  at 9pm
$15 cover charge

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