Nordvie, located in St-Bruno-de-Guigues, Qubec, is a combination of the names of this farm’s owners: Normand and Sylvie. Even the name of this producer reflects their family-oriented values. Since April 2004, their products have won many national and international awards. They produce alcohol and strawberries, among other things. In our kitchen, we’ll be using their strawberry-rhubarb liqueur to create delicious concoctions.

Le Caféier-Boustifo

Café Meteor Bistro, as the name suggests, will be serving coffee; quality and richness of flavour are of utmost importance. Le Caféier-Boustifo in Ville-Marie, Quebec will be providing us with the freshest coffee beans: the beans received by customers are guaranteed to have been roasted (in small batches) within a week of the order! They are also fair-trade certified. Le Caféier-Boustifo has created a unique coffee blend for the Café Meteor Bistro. Inspired by the famous S.S. Meteor that welcomed all kinds of people on deck, our unique Meteor blend contains notes of caramelized chocolate and nuts, creating a delicate balance of acidity and bitterness that will please coffee aficionados and amateurs alike. Certainly, passengers of all ilk aboard the Meteor would have enjoyed this beautiful blend of flavours.

Pluck Tea

Pluck Tea is a Toronto-based company dedicated to sustainability and organic products. Jennifer, the owner, selects quality organic teas from around the world and adds local ingredients from farmers in the area, such as Prince Edward County lavender. Their teas are blended in their small facility in downtown Toronto. The unique loose-leaf teas we have in-store are Southbrook Berry Blend, Apple on the Green, Earl Grey Cream, The Daily Grind Chai, Just Peachy, Orange Pekoe of York, and Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Come by and try one hot iced today!

Live Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage that originated in China in 220 BC. Live Kombucha, located in Guelph, is a family business with a commitment to brewing a high-quality beverage. They value nutrition, health, and environmentally sustainable methods. Kombucha is chock-full of healthy probiotics and has a wide array of reported health benefits. Live Kombucha is one of the first Canadian companies to offer kombucha in kegs – how could we say no? At the Cafe Meteor Bistro, we have kombucha on tap for your enjoyment!