Animal Products

Animal Products

Although the Café Meteor Bistro has meat-, dairy-, and egg-free options, many of our dishes still include these products. We get the freshest animal products from local farmers.

Purvis Fisheries

Located on Manitoulin Island, Purvis Fisheries is a family-owned and family-operated business with a team of 15-20 employees. All of their products are caught wild on Lake Huron by their fleet of gill net and trap net boats. The Café Meteor Bistro will be using their great-tasting fish in many of our dishes.

Bison du Nord

For over 45 years, the Belanger family has passionately ranched bison in Northeastern Ontario. Their bison are grass-fed and raised as naturally as possible, without the use of hormones or antibiotics. They are one of the first companies in North America to raise bison commercially. Bison du Nord currently has 250 bison that graze in a large, open, 500-acre pasture. During the winter months, they are fed with quality hay or hay silage. Bison is nutritious, flavourful, and contains fewer calories and more protein than other rival meats.

Quality Meats

Quality Meats, located in New Liskeard, will be providing the Café Meteor Bistro with a large portion of the meats we use in our kitchen. The meat has been raised and produced by a Mennonite family in the area for generations; quality and natural methods are of utmost importance.





Fromage au Village

In Lorrainville, Quebec, le Fromage au Village has been a small operation, with only about a dozen team members, for the past 20 years. It is owned by Hélène Lessard, Christian Barrette and Anne Barrette, who are passionate about supporting the local food industry. In 2016, Hélène was named a Canadian Food Hero by Slow Food Canada, defined as: “Any Canadian who stands by [their] actions to promote and defend a good, clean, and fair food”. They have been working recently to expand their geographic distribution as well as the range of the products they produce. As the name suggests, they produce many different cheeses, which will be used in our kitchen.

Fromagerie Kapuskoise

In 2011, Françoise Nadeau discovered a passion for cheese-making while on a trip in Asia, where cheese was a rare commodity. He decided to travel to France in order to learn the traditional art of cheese-making. This recently-opened factory makes high-quality artisan cheeses in the Kapuskasing region of Ontario. At the Fromagerie Kapuskoise, Françoise ensures that the cheese-making process is highly regulated and that attention to detail is paid during each step.

Thornloe Cheese

The Thornloe Cheese Factory has produced a respected brand of cheese products in Northern Ontario for over 71 years! Their secret to success is old-fashioned cheese making techniques and fresh milk produced in this unique agricultural area. Thornloe Cheese is a 100% Canadian, 100% farmer-owned company. Although the product has grown tremendously from its early days, the company remains headquartered in Thornloe, Ontario, where it was formed.

Over the years, Thornloe Cheese has become a popular attraction for travelers hungry for cheese, cheese curds, and ice cream. A total of over 3 million litres of milk runs through this popular tourist attraction every year. The plant remains an outlet for local dairy producers who wish to ship to a northern Ontario location.Today, Thornloe Cheese operates one central retail store in Thornloe and services a wide range of wholesale customers, from retail outlets to foodservice establishments. Its products can be found in establishments in Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec.

The company has developed new cheeses for the Canadian ethnic market and Canada’s emerging functional food market. These efforts have increased production in the plant as well as the products available to consumers across Canada. Thornloe Cheese continues to produce a quality Northern Heritage Cheese.