About the Restaurant

About the Restaurant

The Café Meteor Bistro was inspired by the famous steamboat that navigated Lake Temiskaming for 40 years, the S.S. Meteor. 

We are dedicated to sustainability; for us, the most important thing is that the food we cook is produced locally, and that the customers understand where the food on their plate is coming from. We’d also like to promote healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle in the community. We support the local economy and the opening of the Meteor is helping to revamp Haileybury’s downtown core. Also, we are participating actively in the recycling program, using recyclable and biodegradable food containers and to-go drink cups.

For a restaurant to be successful, it requires that the food, the service, and the atmosphere be top-notch. We are working tirelessly to ensure that each of these key points are met. We provide innovative and healthy cuisine based on fresh, local products. Our team of kitchen and wait staff has been carefully handpicked and each person brings something different to the table. The decor is definitely unique: the inside of the restaurant is designed to resemble the dining room of the Meteor.

Nicole and Jocelyn of the Presidents’ Suites decided to open a restaurant about a year ago. It was the logical next step for the business, as they have always been involved in community development. In addition, the clientele from the Presidents’ Suites noticed that there was a significant need for dining options in Haileybury. The Cafe Meteor Bistro has become a social hub in the community: we’ve created a place to come meet and mingle with friends and family in a comfortable, homey atmosphere. When customers walk in, they will be greeted with warm smiles, as if they were arriving home.

We offer a variety of sit-down and take out options with a rotating menu.