Alain Heroux Conference Dare to Believe in Yourself

Alain Heroux Conference Dare to Believe in Yourself

Alain Heroux is a motivational speaker and singer songwriterAlain Heroux will give a very unique life-changing conference with a bit of music at the Cafe Meteor Bistro Saturday August 25 at 9pm.  Alain Heroux is a motivational speaker, life coach and singer-songwriter.  The evening will be held in english.

With today’s technological changes and social issues, innovation, motivation and creativity become essential topics for further personal development. Dare to believe in yourself will introduce you to a way to undertake the best trip of your life. Hop on the road for change where you are the change!

An evening for everyone, men and woman, teenagers, young adults, parents, grand-parents….

About Alain Heroux the motivational speaker and life-coach

Motivational speaker, life coach and singer-songwriter, he met a lot of people who confided in him and this inspired him to write texts and songs. His periods of depression, his personal bankruptcy, the cultural shock he experienced moving to Calgary, and his many career changes have profoundly transformed him.  His years of experience helping with employee assistance programs led him to reflect about ways to improve his personal and professional life which he will be sharing.

About Alain Heroux the singer-songwriter

Born and raised in a Quebec small town, he played guitar for the first time at the age of 6.  As a child, he dreamt of writing and singing music in English. However, he was french Canadian and didn’t speak much English before moving to Calgary. After a few years performing in Quebec bars and pubs he finally found his own music, (soft-rock / country style).  He now writes his own music in both English and French and performs as a true Canadian artist. He is now looking forward to perform at the international level.

His first english album called Little Angel was released in June of 2013 and has received airplay in Québec, Alberta, United Kingdom, United States and Europe.  A second bilingual album called RENDEZ-VOUS has been released in 2016 and his last one, in French, Dans mon village, was released last year.  You can learn more from his Facebook page.


About the Evening

Evening starts at 9pm and the entry fee for the conference is $15/person with all proceeds going to the speaker/musician.

We encourage you to reserve for dinner or dessert prior to the conference to pick your table/seat.  Limited to 35 people.

An evening not to be missed.  

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