Meteor Looking for New Owner

Meteor Looking for New Owner

Nicole Guertin & Jocelyn Blais owners of the Cafe Meteor Bistro

Nicole Guertin & Jocelyn Blais

We are Nicole Guertin et Jocelyn Blais, the owners of Café Meteor Bistro, the Presidents Suites and Farr Island, all located in Haileybury on beautiful lake Temiskaming. We have been involved locally in the hospitality and tourism sector for the past 10 years.

A year ago, we decided to launch the Café Meteor Bristo, a trendy farm-to-table European bistro concept restaurant to meet the needs of our clients and the community. Now, that the restaurant is launched, we are ready to move on to other projects and we are looking for a new owners, who would like to continue the development of this unique restaurant and bring it to the next level.

If you’ve been dreaming about owning a trendy restaurant, including the building,  and living in a region close to nature, the Café Meteor Bistro might be your dream come true.

Looking for New Owner – Details

Take a look at this video for more details about this trendy 44-seat farm-to-table licensed restaurant located in downtown Haileybury a few seeps from beautiful lake Temiskaming. Since opening only a year ago, the monthly sales have consistently increased and are currently on pace for $700,000/year in annual sales.  The full potential for the Meteor is probably around the $1M dollars in annual sales.  The Meteor is being sold as a turn-key operation and includes the building, the equipment, the inventory, the branding, the business and support from us to connect with the community.

Take a look at the following video for the details.

The Meteor – A Nice Potential

The Meteor is currently a business heading in the right direction.  It is unique, attractive and is expanding.  The business has filled in a gap for a quality, farm-to-table restaurant in the Temiskaming region.  After only the 1st year of operation, the restaurant has earned a solid reputation for quality food and service.  With the right owner the Meteor can continue its growth and can reach further to make it to the next level.

Help Us To Connect With The Next Owner

Help us find the new owner who will want to continue the development of this trendy 44-seat restaurant and bring it to the next level. If you are the one that connects us to the next owner, we will give you either an amount of $2000 cash or a gift certificate for Presidents’ Suites stay(s) valued at $3000. (Note: the next owner would have to confirm that you were the connection.)

It is time for us to move on to our next project to continue to build opportunities in the North for our community.  

 If you think you can be the next owners of the Meteor
and you would enjoy the lifestyle of lake Temiskaming please give us a call.

Nicole Guertin        705.622.0279